Choosing the best garage heating source for your garage depends on the reasons "why" you want to heat your garage. Our preferred system is Radiant Ceiling Heat for our harsh Minnesota winters.

Flash Heating

Flash heating means you'll likely only heat the garage several times during the cold season using a gas or propane hanging heater.

Hanging heating points:

  • Hanging heaters bring your garage to a usable temperature
  • Ideal for infrequent heating of non-insulated or poorly insulated buildings
  • Not energy efficient or long term solution

Constant Temperature Heating

Constant temperature heating of your garage means that you intend to keep your garage at a temperature of between 40 and 70 degrees. Constant heating requires proper insulation and roof venting.

There are two options available for constant temperature heating:

  • In-Floor Hydronic Heat
  • Radiant Ceiling Heat

In-Floor Hydronic Heat:

  • Takes up space in your garage for the heater and pump system
  • Requires a gas or propane line and a vent stack to exhaust the combustion flumes
  • Needs several trades to install
  • Requires a pumping glycolin through lines placed in your floor

Radiant Ceiling Heat:

  • Costs less to install and operate than the alternatives
  • Completely electric and only requires an electrician to install
  • "Greener" alternatives if electricity is sourced from wind or solar power
  • Dustless, fanless, noiseless, and takes up virtually no space in your garage

Find out more at our radiant ceiling heat vendor GreenHeat USA.